Month: June 2020

Is 2021 Going to be the Year of Electric Scooters?

2020 Has been a rough year. No one can deny that. But admit all the chaos and uncertainty, the world still carries on as best it can. And with it the ever-changing tide of technological trend shifts. Many claims were made about what would be the breakout tech or fad of 2020. Most of these productions were proved wrong due to the lockdown. We noticed people leaning more towards indoor technology such as the Switch.

But once people can get back outside safely, they will in force. And many experts are already predicting the technological trends that define 2021 are going to be ones that encourage users to venture outside. Whether this is social technologies or practical ones.

One tech that has already got a lot of people talking is electric scooters. While they aren’t a new technology by any means, as our society progresses so does our tech. And they have never been better.

Function Meets Form

When electric scooters first hit the market, they were expensive, clunky and cumbersome. But now they are sleek, efficient travel machines. Companies have invested millions into, not only the tech but the look as well. Xiaomi m365 scooter, Segway-Ninebot, and Turboant X7 are only some of the hottest scooters out there revolutionizing the game.

When life returns to normal in 2021, we all hope, people are going to be a lot more aware of the effect they have on the world. People will use public transport less and look for alternative means. Electric scooters offer the speed and ease of travel associated with bikes but are compact and small enough that you can traverse streets and roads often not accessible by other means of transport.

It is our opinion that 2021 is going to be a big year for electric scooters. So you might consider investing in one now and beating the rush.

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The 4 Newest And Greatest Innovations to Indoor Plumbing

Plumbing and constant water supply are one of the most underrated and under-appreciated developments to occur in this century, imagine not having access to running water or a flushable toilet. These are things that may be taken for granted and it is very hard to imagine life without them or a time where these innovations had not yet been invented. We have come a long way from the days where multiple houses would have to share a single toilet and there have been some pretty revolutionary plumbing inventions along the way.


Instant boiling water

A very useful tool for those who spend significant time in the kitchen would have to be the tap that can produce boiling water at the flick of a switch. No longer do we have to rely on the kettle or hob to get boiling water for hot drinks or cooking and we can now access temperatures of one hundred degrees in as little as seconds, this useful plumbing development is great both in the home and in professional kitchens as it cuts the waiting time for water to boil down significantly, which I’m sure we can all agree is extremely convenient.


Underground Plumbing

Although it isn’t too recent of development the fact that we have come so far from our past methods of disposing of waste onto the street definitely deserves merit. It is much more hygienic, healthy and environmentally friendly for underground plumbing to contain waste products away from the public, compared to the days where chamber pots were used we have now become much more conscious of health and the impact disposing of waste properly can have on the environment. Underground plumbing and sewage treatment have had a hugely positive effect through the fact that we are able to lead hygienic lifestyles.


Increase in skilled plumbers

With new plumbing features becoming available there has been an increased demand for skilled plumbers to carry out any repairs that are needed, the boost in new plumbing innovations has meant more and more people are opting to learn plumbing as a trade providing very successful careers for a lot of people. Top companies such as Mandurah plumber are regularly looking for skilled apprentices to join their workforce and provide high-quality plumbing maintenance to the public. Generating well-paid jobs is one of the most beneficial results to come with the new developments in plumbing technology.


Water Monitoring

Sticking with the theme of leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, there has been much more focus placed on the monitoring of how much water can be used per household without causing damage to the world. Water suppliers are providing home monitoring kits to their customers, so that they can keep an eye on the amount of water they are using and how much they spend on a monthly basis. This encourages people to be much more green as well as helping them to save money by reducing the amount of water they use.

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Four Famous Websites Created In a University Dorm

Both university and college are said to be a place of innovation; where the best young minds of the country congregate in one spot. History has shown that these minds will come together to create, the creations of these students have birthed a legacy that has gone past the campus and have affected the way that everyone now lives; this idea is showcased by the numerous websites that have been birthed from a college dorm. This passage will detail four famous websites that have been created in the modest surroundings of a dorm room, expect this passage to both try to educate you, and inspire your own dreams.


Reddit claims to be the front page of the internet and this is genuinely a justifiable claim, with 1.6 million subreddits and 330 million active users. The website was made by a pair of University students Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian who met at the University of Virginia. The website took 3 weeks to code and aimed to be a bulletin board of subjects that were important to them. From 2005 Reddit has morphed into a gargantuan staple of the internet, which hosts everything from political chats, to sports chat, to alternatives to couchtuner for when it’s down. The pair sold the site for $20 million in 2009, this meant that for a few weeks of coding and 16 months of upkeep the pair became multi-millionaires. Huffman did return in 2015 in the position of CEO in an attempt to save the site. His return was instrumental in bringing Reddit back to its former glory and it is now bigger than ever.


It would be no understatement to say that YouTube has completely revolutionized how we now consume our entertainment. YouTube gives creators a platform to publish their work, with thousands of creators now producing content that brings in millions of daily viewers. YouTube has no lack of creators though with 300 hours of video posted every minute. Like most others, the website had quite humble beginnings, like Reddit YouTube was founded in 2005 by two friends. Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who studied computer science at the University of Illinois together before coding the site in their dorm room. The pair sold the site to Google for a massive $1.65 billion in Google stock in the year 2006. This acquisition was extremely well sighted by Google with YouTube producing $15 billion in 2019 alone. YouTube is ever-growing as a platform that now attracts some of the biggest celebrities in the world. With A-listers like Jack Black and Will Smith creating  YouTube channels over the past year. There is genuinely no ceiling for how big YouTube can become.


Perhaps the most famous website origin story is that of Facebook as it was immortalized by the 2010 Oscar-nominated film The Social Network. The story details how Facebook grew from a dating site that was run from Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room to the Silicon Valley giant that we all know today. The website was birthed in 2003 and was exclusively for Harvard students who were looking to date fellow Harvard students. The company did have a slow build but is now easily the biggest social network site in the world; with 2.5 billion active users Facebook completely dwarfs the competition. Facebook remains under Zuckerberg’s control and he is now focussed on acquiring other up and coming social media sites, with Facebook now owning a controlling stake in both Instagram and Tinder.


Google is the oldest site in this passage founded in early 1998. Google is extremely influential and many can not imagine the internet without Google, as it is completely entwined with the internet itself. Founded by a pair of Stanford Ph.D. students with Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The pair still owns a 14% share of the company and has 56% of the companies voting power. Google is the most visited website on the internet which has led to the company becoming the most valuable brand in the world, with the company being priced at a modest 280 billion dollars. Google also looks to acquire other websites with the previously mentioned acquisition of YouTube, Google also has Android in its portfolio. Google is completely synonymous with the internet and it is not going to fall off any time soon. Like the other websites mentioned in this list, it is stunning to think that such an influential website was made in the comfort of a dorm room.

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